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Learn about how Co-Managed IT can help you! 

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"We needed a solution provider who is knowledgeable, responsive, and flexible because our business has been growing and going through a lot of changes. We have found Omega to be a fantastic partner who meets all of these requirements and is committed to our success. Highly recommend."

—  Nick, IT Director

What is Co-Managed IT? 

Your IT back-up plan!

It's a big ask of one person to keep up with hardware replacement, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, software licenses, industry regulations, data storage, and countless other responsibilities. Co-Managed IT elevates the convenience of an internal IT team with the comprehensive knowledge of managed service providers. 

Co-Managed IT is an IT management service model that allows businesses to choose what responsibilities remain in-house and which ones need to be outsourced. This allows the business to customize their package to exactly what they need. 


When should you use a Co-Managed IT service? 

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The simple answer is... When you need help.  

Knowledge Gap - Even the most experienced technicians will find there's a task or issue that exceeds their skills or training. When you use an MSP on a Co-Managed basis you get a whole team of technicians with different strengths at your disposal to tackle the problem at once.

IT staff is overworked or too small - There are a number of factors that can contribute to your team being overworked. A great example of this would be last year with everyone shifting to working from home. 

You have an upcoming project - If you're unsure of the best way forward, let our team of experienced technicians plan out your next project to ensure everything get's done correctly the first time! 

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