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Security now affects you no matter what size your business is 

Gone are the days when there was just a chance of your company being cyberattacked.  Now it is just a matter of when it will happen today.  Having security in place, and a plan for when it happens is key to a business’s survival. 


Not only do you have external threats, but also potential inside threats; ex-employees, business espionage or even a non-threating employee who clicked the wrong attachment.  We want to work as an extension of your company’s security department to meet the challenges that come about.

Our solution is working with industry cutting security solutions by using “Synchronized Security”.  Instead of having multiple solutions, we implement a solution that is designed to talk with each part of the security solution to ensure a harmonious outcome.

There are three aspects of defense when it comes to keeping our assets safe. Protection, detection, and response. Most tend to focus on protection while it is important, it’s simply impossible to say that your product is the end all for defending your network and data from attack. We choose however to put an emphasis on detection. Before a problem can be responded to, it must be detected first.

Last year it took an average 191 days to identify a breach, and an average of 66 days to contain the breach according to the Data Breach Report from Ponemon Institute. The question is not whether your network will be compromised but rather when, and what steps you’ll take to respond. Thankfully there is an answer other than having a team continuously monitor your network and users.

Synchronized Security is the culmination of cyber protection. This is a coordination of defenses within your system by creating an open line of communication between your network and the end user through a security heartbeat. This means that all aspects of your security system are being utilized to monitor and eliminate any threats. With Synchronized Security your company benefits from better protection, faster response time and aids your IT by lightening their workload.

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