High Performance Embedded Computing

High Performance Computing has now come to the world of embedded systems – and, especially, to the systems being developed and deployed by the world's armed forces. To address the most demanding and sophisticated applications, such as ISR and electronic warfare, high performance embedded computing – HPEC – uses the power, not just of multiple single board computers working together, but also of multi-core and many-core processors.

Find out how HPEC Solutions can be brought to market faster

High performance embedded computing (HPEC) is transforming the military embedded computing landscape with sophisticated, powerful answers to the most demanding problems. Abaco’s HPEC solutions are among the broadest in the industry, and are backed by Abaco’s unwavering commitment to customer support – as witnessed by the recent opening of our HPEC Center of Excellence. Find out more about Abaco’s advanced multiprocessors and GPGPU platforms, and how HPEC solutions can be brought to market faster with Abaco’s AXIS software development environments, in our new brochure.

Reduce cost, time & risk with our new HPEC Starter System

  • MOSA (Modular Open Systems Architecture) compliant
  • Scalable, deployable systems feature AXIS for reduced development time, cost
  • Accelerates time-to-solution

09/12/2012 HUNTSVILLE, AL.—September 12, 2012—Abaco Systems today announced its HPEC Application Ready Platforms (HARP) product family at the IEEE HPEC Conference (Westin Hotel, Waltham, MA). These new systems respond to government and defense organization demands to acquire and deploy high performance, open architecture, embedded computing solutions at lower cost in shorter timeframes. They deliver application-ready, COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) platforms that can reduce development time from months to weeks or days.

System integrators can develop, test and demonstrate this platform confident that its constituent elements – single board computers, multiprocessors, GPGPU, switched fabric modules, etc. – can be re-packaged in a range of rugged build levels for airborne, ground and naval applications. Abaco’s platforms provide modular open system architectures (MOSA) platforms based on industry standard high performance computing (HPC) hardware and software building blocks to accelerate time to solution and time to deployment. The first member of the new family is the 6U OpenVPX HPEC Starter System.

Included with each system is Abaco’s AXIS application development framework, which shortens time to solution and reduces risk and cost by providing a user friendly interface to the scalable multi-processor platform. Application developers can become productive faster by using preconfigured DSP examples and performance libraries to harness the full potential of the underlying hardware. In addition, customers can move blade server or HPC desk top applications onto the systems with minimal risk and delay.

Development time is also reduced by the availability of support and training from Abaco’s recently-opened HPEC Center of Excellence, which provides in-depth expertise in supporting customers in the design and testing of advanced, high performance systems.

“High performance embedded computing systems are key to expanding Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities across a broad spectrum of deployed systems and across multiple government agencies,” said Rod Rice, General Manager, Military & Aerospace Products at Abaco Systems. “ISR systems need to be highly flexible and adaptable. MOSA systems harness a wide and diverse talent pool of software developers, data processing skill sets and data analysis techniques to respond to these fast moving landscapes, allowing new applications to be developed, demonstrated and deployed at lower cost and in shorter timeframes.”

The new HARP systems can be used to demonstrate technology readiness to Level 6 when integrated into the end user system environment prior to full integration, test and qualification of the production platforms. They are capable of meeting the most demanding size, weight and power (SWaP) targets for the deployed platform.

The fully integrated and tested 6U OpenVPX HPEC Starter Systems feature 2nd- and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors; CUDA™ GPGPU processors from NVIDIA®; 10 Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express fabric support; multiple hard disk drives; full user I/O via the rear panel; the AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment; and 64-bit Linux.

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HPEC combines latest technologies to pack more computing power

07/26/2012 June Issue of Extension Media, By: Michael Stern, Senior Product Manager, Abaco Systems

HPEC combines the latest processor and interconnect technologies like VPX to allow military organizations to pack more computing power into smaller spaces for SIGINT, radar, electronic warfare, and other systems.

Abaco brings the performance of supercomputers to the harsh environments of the military and aerospace domains. By using designs based on standard architectures and interconnects, and applying our unrivaled expertise in packaging, compute power that was previously restricted to air-conditioned machine rooms can now be brought to bear on the toughest problems in the toughest environments.

Abaco’s HPEC product family includes our new DSP280 dual 2nd Generation Intel Quad Core i7 platform which is capable of more than 260 Gigaflops peak performance, our SBC624 2nd Generation Core i7 6U OpenVPX SBC, our latest NPN240 dual NVIDIA CUDA GPGPUs and switch fabric modules (SFMs) such as the GBX460 10GE card. These COTS OpenVPX modules harness mainstream LINUX and Windows™ platforms along with open middlewares to deliver world class performance at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software

AXISLIB-AVX is Abaco’s comprehensive DSP and math function library providing the full VSIPL Core 1.0 profile with hand optimized AVX support to extract game changing levels of performance from Intel’s brand new 256bit wide SIMD AVX unit. The VSIPL API ensures code portability across multiple processor generations in support of planned technology refresh during the entire program life cycle.

AXISPRO includes a high-performance IPC middleware and GUI for task-level programming and fast prototyping to reduce development cost and shorten time to solution of even the most complex signal processing applications.

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