Rugged Systems

We specialize in the packaging, integration, and qualification testing of rugged systems. Whether you need a highly specialized solution that meets or exceeds all of your requirements, or an off-the-shelf solution that ships quickly, we have what you're looking for.

Packaged systems that jump-start your program

  • Abaco Systems Rugged Systems are COTS packaged pre-validated computer systems that provide a rugged and highly flexible computing platform suited for mission applications requiring rock-solid reliability such as UAVs, ground vehicles, and manned aircraft.
  • Abaco’s COTS-based Application Ready control and data processing computer systems are Intel or Freescale processor-based and can be deployed in the field as soon as your application is ready. You can use them as a starting point for multiple application-specific configurations, which will give you a shorter development cycle and a lower risk approach to application development. The arduous task of integrating off the shelf boards has already been done for you — shortening your time to project completion. You have one point of contact for all issues and a single part number — not a collection of parts.
  • These packaged systems successfully integrate Abaco Systems boards and modules, drawn from Abaco’s wide selection of COTS products, into open modular systems that are tested and qualified for rugged systems deployment. Each packaged system contains a fully integrated set of boards and modules designed to fulfill your control or data processing application.

High-resolution, high performance graphics solutions for embedded video and display applications

  • Abaco Systems’ rugged display computers support the industry’s most demanding video and image applications and offer high-resolution, high-performance display solutions for field and lab deployment. Our graphics subsystems are based on high performance commercial processors for state-of-the-art image quality and capabilities.

Advanced Vehicle Computers custom designed to your exact requirements

  • Our rugged systems are designed to survive and thrive in harsh environments. They stand up to challenges like temperature extremes, shock, vibration, EMI and G-forces. If you need a rugged system, our engineering team can quickly create a custom design based on our extensive product portfolio. A custom design might involve minor adjustments to a standard system and board, or fully custom interfaces and configurations. We offer skilled and timely development support as well as engineering development units. Contact your Abaco Systems sales representative to learn more about our systems product portfolio and discuss your individual system requirements.

Rugged secure router and Ethernet switches designed specifically for battlefield and industrial applications

  • Today’s defense, aerospace and commercial networks have become a war zone. As military forces and businesses seek to gain a competitive edge through information dominance, a high-speed, highly available and secure network becomes critical to even basic operations. Whether in the battlefield, factory or out in a remote oil rig, modern communication nodes are connecting to high-speed IP networks with Ethernet routers and switches at their core.
  • Abaco Systems rugged secure routers and Ethernet switches are designed specifically for battlefield and industrial applications, addressing the harsh environments and often dynamic nature of these networks with rugged enclosures and specialized protocol and management features. Our secure routers are engineered from the ground up with advanced firewalls, encryption, and hardware-assisted security features. Abaco’s rugged Ethernet switch portfolio offers a broad range of high-speed network connectivity and management options to meet a range of price/performance and application requirements.

When you need a packaged rugged solution—look no further. Abaco Systems COTS Rugged Systems are pre-packaged off-the-shelf subsystems designed to eliminate NRE (non-recurring engineering) costs and reduce delivery time for developing solutions for a range of military vehicle platforms including high-altitude UAVs, and manned and unmanned ground vehicles. Abaco’s COTS-based Application Ready computer systems can be deployed in the field as soon as your application is ready, or use these COTS systems as a starting point for multiple application-specific configurations.

We have built a solid reputation for quickly understanding customer specifications and then designing, testing, certifying and delivering exactly the rugged subsystem our customer needs. You have one point of contact for all questions or issues and a single part number, not a collection of parts. You receive an integrated, tested, qualified and working subsystem ready to be loaded with your application software. We support our customers through our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) program which serves to reduce overall cost of ownership and guards against component obsolescence.

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