Sensor Processing

We have one of the industry’s widest and most flexible collections of analog input and output boards for video compression, SDR, SIGINT, radar, medical imaging, wireless communications, sonar and test & measurement applications that is complimented by a range of system-level capabilities including PCIe, XMC/PMC and VPX-based data acquisition, processing and recording system solutions and signal analysis solutions.

SPR507B 4-Ch., Serial FPDP interface PMC/XMC module

The SPR507B is a 4-channel Serial FPDP interface PMC/XMC module designed for high-speed remote data transfer at the industry’s fastest rates. Available as either a PMC module for legacy systems or as an XMC module for more recent systems, the SPR507B uses a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA to help it deliver up to 4.25 Gbaud per link, or a total bandwidth across its four ports of around 1.4 Gigabytes/second. It also benefits from Abaco’s extensive experience in thermal management and ruggedization, allowing it to be more easily deployed in confined spaces where cooling can be a challenge and where the environment is subject to extremes of heat, shock and vibration, etc.

The low latency protocol used in Serial FPDP and the noise immunity of the fibre-based data transport is the ideal combination for applications which require a dedicated data link to run between sources of data, such as high-speed digitizer, to a remote data processing station. The SPR507B allows for fibre lengths up to 10km in length with the choice of single mode fibre.

The XMC form factor allows the SPR507B to be mounted on the latest generation high-end SBC’s for back end processing using the capabilities of multi-core CPUs, and provides the necessary data bandwidth to support the high-speed capabilities of the module. The PCI-X interface implemented on the PMC version of the card will also support high-speed throughput to Host memory. The scatter/gather mode of DMA implemented on the SPR507B allows for interrupt driven data transfer architectures, or for demand mode data transfer.

Industry’s most comprehensive range of sensor processing solutions

Many of today’s advanced military applications use sensor-acquired data as their starting point – whether that’s radar, sonar, or video. Turning that data into actionable information in close to real time, or getting it to where it needs to be at high speed with low bandwidth consumption, are significant challenges with which Abaco Systems can help. To find out more about what may be the industry’s most comprehensive range of sensor processing solutions, download the brochure.

SPR870A New ultra 3U VPX Wideband Digital Transceiver

The SPR870A 3U VPX Wideband Digital Receiver/Exciter module builds on Abaco’s legacy of industry-leading digital receiver families and extending still further the growing ecosystem of Abaco 3U VPX solutions. It features Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA technology to enable its deployment in wideband signal acquisition and conversion applications such as radar ECM (Electronic Counter Measures), pulse intercept and analysis (ELINT) and RF (radio frequency) test applications.

Fully rugged and conduction-cooled, the SPR870A is capable of digitizing analog input signals from below 50 MHz to over 1.5 GHz, using a dual channel 10-bit ADC (analog to digital converter) and one 12-bit DAC (digital to analog converter), and re-creating analog output waveforms over a similar frequency range. An open source Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA is provided for user-defined signal processing functions, giving greater capacity than previous generations. A second Virtex-6 provides a PCIe interface to the system controller. Other protocols, such as sRIO can be provided on request. Legacy systems use carefully tuned analog components to determine key transmitter identification parameters such as instantaneous frequency, and modulation rate and the SPR870A allows these parameters to be measured using DSP techniques rather than analog circuits, making them much faster, more acurate and more flexible. Waveforms can now be stored as they are received, used as raw data to generate false returns, and played back on demand.

ICS-8580 rugged high definition video compression XMC module

HUNTSVILLE, AL – October 9, 2012 Abaco Systems today announced an enhanced version of the ICS-8580 rugged high definition video compression XMC module. The unit allows very high quality moving images to be captured, transmitted and stored with very low latency and with minimal consumption of precious bandwidth or disk space – meaning that actionable information is received more quickly and efficiently.

The latest enhancements include base level support for Camera Link®, a serial communication protocol standard designed for computer vision applications based on the National Semiconductor interface. This allows seamless connection between the ICS-8580 and Camera Link-enabled high resolution cameras, and means that the ICS-8580 can be configured to support almost any camera input and system configuration.

Also new for the ICS-8580 is support for IPv6, the Internet Protocol that will ensure the longevity of IP-based networking by allowing a significantly larger number of the IP addresses on which the Internet is based. This is in addition to the ICS-8580’s support of IPv4.

The ICS-8580 can capture video inputs and archive or stream them over Ethernet, managing multiple streams and performing capture, manipulation, conversion, compression, storage, decompression and video display. It is rugged, compact, light-weight and consumes little power, enabling it to be easily deployed in systems destined for deployment in harsh environments that are constrained by size, weight and power (SWaP).

The original version of the ICS-8580 has been deployed in programs such as NASA’s Global Hawk initiative.

“On-board video to capture vital intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance information is assuming increasing significance for military organizations around the world,” said Rod Rice, General Manager, Military & Aerospace Products, Abaco Systems. “These enhancements, together with the light- weight and small size of the ICS-8580, make it uniquely suited for this type of deployment.”

In video capture and transmission, the primary challenge is how to maintain video quality in order to maximize critical detail while minimizing the use of bandwidth by implementing highly efficient algorithms: transmitting ‘raw,’ unprocessed high definition video data at very high speed requires bandwidth that is rarely available in, for example, air-to-ground applications. Similarly, storage of high definition video data – for later review and analysis, for example – in its uncompressed form can require terabytes of disk space.

The ICS-8580 features H.264 video compression/decompression (codec) technology, which is widely regarded as being the optimum solution: it is considered to be up to three times as efficient as other codec solutions, allowing vital image detail to be retained while occupying the minimum possible bandwidth or storage.

Abaco Intelligent Platform’s Sensor Processing group is a world leader in the fields of data acquisition for the high end embedded Mil/Aero market. Customers who include almost all major government and international defense and aerospace companies, and government laboratories use Sensor Processing products in a wide variety of applications such as sonar, acoustic, radar, electronic warfare, tactical radio and signal intelligence.

Abaco Systems Sensor Processing group brings considerable experience in developing leading-edge solutions using advanced technologies, based on in-depth understanding of customer requirements. Expertise in FPGA and AD/DA conversion has allowed the Sensor Processing group to develop high performance, cost-effective solutions across a range of communications applications.

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