Microsoft Azure


If you are looking for speed and agility and enhance your workforce while saving at the bottom line the Azure Cloud can deliver what you have been looking for. Omegabiz can deliver a solution that fits the needs of your company

  • Migrate out of your current data center and into the Azure Cloud
  • Azure Automation delivering automated process to enhance your productivity with Runbooks
  • Microsoft Operation Management Suite
  • DevOps
  • World Wide Cloud Network - Get out of your local data center and utilize the Global Azure Cloud at a fraction of the cost
  • App resources - Web Apps
  • Machine Learning
  • Containers - Docker - kerbernetes and more

Spin up what you need and spin down as needed, no more waiting for the hardware to show up for a new project, deliver on demand, no more waiting business and projects on demand

  • DataLakes and other Data warehousing options
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Recovery Services - Disaster Recovery - Geo-Redundant backups
  • Network Security Groups for enhanced cyber security
  • Security Center
  • Enterprise Agreement or Pay-as-you-Go
  • Availability Sets and Clustering

Let Omegabiz guide you to the Cloud