Could the Intel chip shortage last longer than expected?

On Monday, Intel's CEO came out and said that it could take several years for a global shortage of semiconductors to be resolved, a problem that has shuttered some auto production lines and is also being felt in other areas, especially in the IT industry for providing hardware for clients.

The large switch from a in the office workforce, to an almost entirely at home work force has been a large cause of the shortage of stock, and with COVID restrictions in factories, led to a almost overnight shortage of both chips and hardware stock.

While Intel announced a $20 billion investment in expanding their factories and operation, how long will this take to catch up with the industries?

In the meantime, both the business & IT industries are still experiencing the challenges of locating hardware stock for hardware refreshment and also new employees. Everything from paying almost 30-40% more for hardware, or purchasing refurbished hardware in hopes that there are no underlying issues.

While there now seems to be an end in sight, these challenges may change how we view computer hardware and support at least for the time being. Taking an extra budget to buy extra computer when it comes in stock may be helpful for next week when stock is all gone.

Talk with your customer success manager for possible solutions or give us a call to discuss what solutions you may be looking at.

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