What is Co-Managed IT and How Can it Help My Company?


A common misconception among business owners is that there are only two options for IT management; internal staff or an external IT managed-service provider. For the most part, those are the two most common scenarios.

Lately, we are seeing more and more businesses of all sizes combining IT staff with an external IT contractor. This can give business owners the best of both worlds. With an internal IT manager, a business owner has an integrated team member who understands the industry, business strategy, long and short-term goals. Supporting your IT Manager with an outside service team gives you a strategic partnership. T

his is called Co-Managed Services and it can be a win-win solution for growing businesses.

Comprehensive IT management is rarely a one-man job. Managing the complexity of IT networks, system requirements, industry regulations, cloud computing, cybersecurity, VOIP, application updates, software licenses, hardware replacements, and more, is a lot to expect from one employee. Co-Managed services is an IT model that blends the convenience and strategic framework of an internal IT manager with the support and comprehensive knowledge of a managed-service provider. Together, your IT staff and co-managed service provider can augment IT roles to create proactive and reactive IT management. Together, we can create efficiencies by streamlining your back-office IT functions. We can reduce redundancies across systems and speed up system updates, improving network performance and security. We can provide round the clock monitoring and guarantee the right experts are on the job when a tough problem arises. Co-managed services will allow your IT person to accomplish more with fewer staff members at a cost below regular managed-service contracts.

Co-Managed Services can help you build a better employee culture. Retaining valued employees is important. Wouldn’t you agree that your IT manager is a valued employee? Give them the right tools and resources to be successful and it will result in higher retention. Co-managed services is a powerful tool and resource for an IT manager, who wants to grow beyond the everyday error alerts. With the daily minutia out of the way, your IT manager can be a more effective team member.

It is hard to prepare for what’s coming down the road when you don’t have a map. That’s what is it like for an IT manager who doesn’t know your business strategy. Nearly every business strategy needs a supporting IT plan. Think about it this way, you wouldn’t plan an expansion without consulting with your CFO or COO. Well, that expansion is going to need network support. You need to consult with your IT manager. But, if your IT manager is bogged down with daily alerts, printer offline errors, and undelivered emails, they can’t be the partner you need. In order for your IT Manager to move your business toward the future, you need to get today’s problems out of their way. That’s where co-managed services come in. We clear the path and much more.


IT co-managed service providers are convenient collaborators. We offer consultation and decision support. We’ve had the benefit of working with hundreds of businesses. We’ve seen and worked on technology systems in every situation and condition you can think of. From Microsoft 365 migration to Server configuration to building computers from the ground up, we’ve seen it all. You can take advantage of our expertise. We help with strategic planning, equipment evaluation, and business continuity and recovery planning. We make recommendations and prevent problems ahead of time. Our expert IT and cyber engineers provide analysis and reliable information that you can depend on when making important and costly IT decisions.

You’re probably thinking, “How do I afford both an IT staff and a co-managed service provider?” Easily! All businesses want to reduce cost. They continue to demand more productivity through technology with fewer employees. Co-Managed services will maximize your IT staff. Your co-manager only needs to provide the services built into your service agreement. Then, your internal staff can focus on tasks best suited to their skills set and your business mission.

The truth is, most businesses can’t afford to employ a fully staffed IT department. But there is no need for you or your IT manager to struggle and suffer through poorly resourced IT management. Co-Managed IT services may be just what you need.

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