Why co-managed IT is the way to go in the era of remote work

A little over a year ago we all had to make the shift the shift to working remote. While some of us may have been able to handle the transition better than others, one thing that is for sure is that remote working is here to stay. Whether you’re in position to offer fully remote positions or some type of hybrid work from home protocol, you still have the challenge of supporting all your workforce's technology. Not to mention with the increase in cloud-based networks to improve remote access solutions, the need to support it has also grown.

Co-Managed IT gained some traction during the pandemic due a large portion of businesses having their in-house IT department overtaxed with supporting devices and users no longer in their building. It offers a more collaborative approach to third party IT support by offloading pieces of the IT infrastructure to support the portions that can eat up a lot of a technician's time.

So why should you choose an MSP to co-manage your environment? Well MSP’s are generally more geared to support businesses remotely in the first place. The business model has a team of technicians with different skillsets getting involved as needed to solve technical issues. Which means you get a wealth of knowledge at your disposal for a fraction of the cost. (Hiring a Tier II technician can get pricey depending on your perquisites) Not to mention that MSP’s can also fill skill gaps in your IT department. The world of technology changes quickly and it’s often hard to be well versed in all areas. But with a team to pull from, your odds of having someone with experience on a specific subject is exponentially higher.

So how does it work? Well, the level of involvement will vary based on the agreement. But it can look like anything from a user add/changes, to hardware NOC monitoring, or even having us act as YOUR back up when you're sick or on vacation. The goal is to find what functioning areas of your business would benefit from having your technology problems out of sight and out of mind.

So how should you know if a co-managed plan would work for you? Well, that will depend on you taking a look at your workload to determine what areas can be outsourced. Time is money, so if there is a way we can save you time, we want to help! If you like to see what that would look like feel free to reach out to our sales team at

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