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Managed Services with Omega Business Systems

Historically the Gordian knot refers to what seemed to be an unsolvable problem that was solved by a simple solution.  But we choose to look at both sides of the coin.  What made the Gordian knot so strong was the sum of its parts.  That's what makes us so unique and stand out above a sea of MSP's:

  • Our unique team is specialized & trained in their own respective fields which allows us to think outside the box to address any complex business environment. 

  • Our focus on client advocacy allows us to understand how our client thinks and would be affected. 

  • Having a mindset that keeps an emphasis on revenue focus planning.

  • We  zero in on the ability to present transformative technology solutions based on your company stage

Combined, this is what encompasses us to be a team with a "Gordian Knot" mentality, and develop solutions to otherwise "intricate problems".

Initial Consultation

A majority of IT MSP's only have a certain way that they will work with clients. Only using a certain brand of computers, a specific anti-malware software solution, or even may refuse to work on providing hardware in general.  We handle everything from A to Z.  Not because it's convenient or easier, we just understand that every company solution is different for the environment and that we are always evaluating our relationships with manufacturers to make sure we are using the best solution possible for our clients. 
Even for our new prospects, instead of a long drawn-out process to discuss a partnership, in just a few minutes of gathering information, we can put together a package based on exactly what your business needs, and tailor our services to help propel your business. 
From there we schedule a meeting to go over the package to address any and every question you may have.  From having someone on-site for only a needed 20 hours a week to working with your co-managed on-site tech admin, to even just being 100% remote and managing your infrastructure.  We have the freedom to tailor any solution you might need even for a unique situation.

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Working with Laptops

On-Boarding Process


  • We send our onboarding form which involves gathering user information, asset login information, information critical for network connect such as domains, and also contact info for vendors, and asset gathering

  • We begin putting our monitoring agents on the network and putting all information in our database to have at our disposal to assist with the helpdesk


  • We have finished most of the agent install on the network, and getting all the necessary information in our database to best serve you.

  • We begin making any changes needed to bring your network up to speed and upgrade security


  • We give any infrastructure recommendations based on the data we have gathered which could be anything from upgrading your security setup to updating hardware to ensure the maximum usage for your users, or discussing with you how we can elevate your company further with changes we can make