1. the action or practice of working from home or elsewhere instead of a office, making use of the internet, email, and the telephone.

Teleworking, or remote working, allows employees to work and communicate with each other without traveling to a central office.  Studies have shown that a majority of employees prefer this method and feel happier and more productive when working in this manner.

Some companies have even taken this route farther by eliminating the need for a "brick & mortar" physical building and having all employees working remote.


Working remote though, is not without it's caveats.  Users need to have the ability to complete tasks, meet, and collaborate with each other from remote, separate locations.


Having a mirrored office environment in the sense that the user can work exactly how they would in the office is essential to a successful and productive teleworking experience



The core of a user's productivity is the ability to collaborate with their team & department.  The obstacle is having an environment that mirrors how you would work in the office but streamlined for remote use.  With more and more companies creating products made for remote work, it's now easier to have an infrastructure based in the cloud and on-premise to provide this benefit to your employees.



Having solutions in place that promote efficiency in all areas of your user's workflow is key to meeting deadlines, communicating with team members, business development, and so much more.  


How will employees working remotely be able to take and even redirect calls directed to their extension or a call queue?


Having a VOiP solution that provides the ability for soft phone or another communication route for calls ensures your user can stay in communication with their team and clients

How will they access company data and modify it while staying secure and protecting confidential information?

Users need to have the ability to run a VPN for file access remotely.  With Citrix, MRD, and other solutions, we can set up your user to either have file access or even access their office machine remotely.

Will employees be offered company-provided devices or have a way to work on personal devices while providing protection to work-related resources?

Users need to have devices with specs that allow them to mirror their work at the office, or have the ability to connect via a VPN.  If using personal devices, keeping business data secure via a sandbox or other solution is critical to keeping personal  & business use separate

How will remote employees be available to the rest of the team and easily communication and collaboration on work and projects.

Collaborating through Microsoft Sharepoint, online CRM platforms, and other teleworking solutions ensures that users are able to accomplish goals & tasks