Gor·​di·​an knot | \ ˈgȯr-dē-ən-  \

Gordian Knot


1: an intricate problem especially : a problem insoluble in its own terms 

Historically the Gordian knot refers to what seemed to be an unsolvable problem that was solved by a simple solution.  But we choose to look at both sides of the coin.  What made the Gordian knot so strong was the sum of its parts.  That's what makes us so unique and stand out above a sea of MSP's:

  • Our unique team are specialized & trained in their own respective fields which allows us to think outside the box to address any complex business environment. 

  • Our focus on client advocacy allows us to understand how our client thinks and would be affected. 

  • Having a mindset that keeps a emphasis on revenue focus planning.

  • We  zero in on the ability to present transformative technology solutions based on your company stage

Combined, this is what encompasses us to be a team with a "Gordian Knot" mentality, and develop solutions to other wise "intricate problems".

IT Department

Our job is to be your full IT department.  Including the options of a full time on-site technician with the backing of a team, or entirely remote with the option to come on-site when needed

Co-Managed IT

In partnership with your current IT admin or director, our job is to take the load off of their plate, so they can focus on business development and growing new avenue streams

Groundwork design

Whether you need a team to design and implement a solution for you to manage, or opening up a brand new office 5 states away, we can design a smart & secure solution


We know technology is never final or exact, understanding how each section works allows us to consult and give recommendations for a solution that will actually work in your environment 


Office 365 Migrations, on-premise to cloud migrations, and also site to site migrations on-premise

security awareness training

Once a quarter we can send security awareness training where your users are sent tests which if they fail they take the course.  This is to help prevent phishing and other forms of malware which lead to loss in business


Creating & implementing a forward thinking security strategy, as well as anticipating growth in the future and how to address security awareness


Remote working is becoming more & more popular, but being able to address parts of the solution is key to keep your user efficient & secure